Impossible Image by Richard Mosse

Why people think that pink image is impossible but black and white is? Black and white images are as unrealistic as these colourful landscapes by Richard Mosse. Plus the reason of this unexpected shade of pink for a green landscape is incredibly dramatic yet very unexpectedly beautiful.

The visuals had been for military purpose. The technology behind that was recognising and highlighting the high concentration of chlorophyl in the plants as opposite to camouflaged areas. Therefore the purpose of the colourful visuals is to find the enemy… vibrant beautiful colour serve the purpose of war and elimination not art neither creation… heartbreaking

Video about the project is here: Richard Mosse Impossible Image

Coffee Shop On Wardour


One of my favourite coffee shops in London. It’s on Wardour street just around the corner from the crazy busy Oxford street into the world of tasty coffee… So far that’s the best way to declare that their coffee is way proper…   coffe-shop-london04coffe-shop-london03

Yellow Dots


Mysterious yellow dots looked very conceptual and rather cool at the traffic light on Jamaica road ! I couldn’t figure out who did create such a strange composition, rigorously putting careful yellow dots onto particular tiles only… Mysterious marks on the ground…