Picasso ‘Nude Woman in a Red Armchair’ 1932

Picasso ‘Nude Woman in a Red Armchair’ is one of the most gentle, feminine, beautiful yet philosophical images created


‘Femme nue dans un fauteuil rouge’ 1932
(Picasso ‘Nude Woman in a Red Armchair’)

Oil paint on canvas
Dimensions support: 1299 x 972 mm frame: 1414 x 1081 x 83 mm
Collection: Tate
Acquisition: Purchased 1953

Perfect woman of Pablo Picasso ‘Nude Woman in a Red Armchair’

Smooth and glowing
So feminine
Treasuring her femininity
Shy but naked
Innocent but seductive
So open but closed at the same time
Obedient yet powerfully supportive
Sitting on a throne but put into the corner
Accepting her man
Kissed, loved, been passionately obsessed by him
Owned by him. Sharing her body with him
It’s not a picture of a moment: it is a story. A story of relationship between man and woman. Intimate so so very close, secret even (some may not even notice that relationship they have). The peek of relationship: intimate kiss.
Her relationship with the environment. The outside world, although being of the same nature as if created for her, perfectly curvy for her, repeating her lines her language, but shadowing her, so much darker more dull, a background for her and her story.
And her place in that world. Her place is luxurious red chair a throne, royally holding her, but put into a dark corner… No way out it’s a corner her corner. Which is both a treasure a home for a woman and her prison at the same time: comfortable, aesthetic and luxurious but a trap.
She contains him in her body
Relationship between man and woman is an ownership too.
There is also a story of relationship between woman and her treasures. Both kinds of treasures: her precious jewellery – beautiful, expensive, big and noticeable, and her feminine body – the most precious the most beautiful treasure a woman can possess, enjoy aesthetically herself and impress others, that is the perfect jewell – her body – her feminine round breast.
That is a perfect woman for him.. Or for any man. Beautiful, and so feminine she is.
Lobunets ©

Christmas drinks exploration. 3 Drinks.


3 Drinks: bubbly, bubbly and red
Blue Black Purple
Acrylic on paper. Carton stencil and brush. Framed.

£1500. Available. Framed.

Party drinks exploration.

What are they? happy? really happy? How do they look from the outside? How do they feel from the inside?

The experiment was held on 3 wines: champaign, bubbly and red. Two people, a little food, lots of talks. Lots of music, lots of dancing. And how it looked from the outside, how it looked in wasn’t the same as how it felt.

Three wines: bubbly, bubbly and red.

Two points of view: face – the glass is raised high up, festive, celebrating; and profile -hiding behind the glass, feeling slightly down, a little sad and quite lonely.

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Peak. Digital Art.



Peak was started as a digital artwork, now I’m working on the stencil for it.

‘The Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe, its crystalline façade transforming the London skyline with a   multi-use 310 m (1,016 ft) vertical city of high-quality offices, world-renowned restaurants, the 5-star Shangri-La hotel, exclusive residential apartments and the capital’s highest viewing gallery, The View from The Shard, offering 360° views. The Shard is a timeless reminder of the power of imagination to inspire change.’

The Shard 

Peak is an exploration of height, of bringing each other up, about peaks as well, emotional, physical, peaks in feelings, peaks in lifes. What is it like to be above the rest of the world? What is it like to balance on the peak that heigh up? Dangerous, exciting? Yes, there is that and also dependence and also trust – complete trust, you can’t manage without it that height up.

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London Art. Upstream and Me. Free Art Friday.

This Friday 20th December will be a Friday of free art. Pieces of work will be hung, placed and installed in a wonderful space in North London for anyone who appreciates amazing works of art to take away.

All types of artwork from the UK and around the world.

Come and pick up the art for free.

…there might even be Mulled Wine – just in time for the holidays.

Venue Details :

Pop Up 358
358 Caledonian Road
N1 1DU

Nearest Underground Station : Caledonian Road.
Nearest Overground Station : Caledonian Road and Barnsbury.
Buses : 17, 91, 259 and 274.

Please see the event page – here which has more information and feel free to spread the word.

You can see more information about the Free Art Friday movement here.

Dancing. Stencil.


Acrylic on paper stencil and roller


Blue colour solution

Dancing stencil painting is another exploration of shapes and emptiness 

Dancing a conversation
Between two
Movements and pauses


Learning routine
and breaking it
Leading and following

Shout. Stencil cutting and roller brush.

To Shout
Blue Black Purple
Acrylic on paper stencil and roller

To Shout
Green Yellow Purple
Acrylic on paper stencil and roller and Brush

To Shout
Blue Black White
Acrylic on paper stencil and roller

To Shout
Pencil sketch

Cells. Exploring ownership and colours.

Acrylic on paper

Cells Draft

Cells Acrylic

The second options of the cells direction

Cells painting is an exploration of an ownership… the Perfect Ownership

Holding from behind
Having to pieces
Being in every sell
Being pointed, gravitated, atracted by every little bit
Breaking apart
and holding together
Becoming part of all
and being held back
Not existing without owning any more
Containing and being material
Completely transforming