‘Hashtag’ Project

Keith Haring’s # (Acrylic on Paper, Digital 2017)


Banksy’s # (High Gloss Aerosol Spray Paint Black on Paper, Digital 2017)

Roy Lichtenstein’s # (Digital, 2017)

The Brief was to raise awareness about the responsibility of the context put on the company SM between all the departments in my company that are active on SM. Hashtag project was created as a call for responsibility of any published context. I choose some pop artists that have made a difference for their time were to inspire the project and to illustrate the public influence of published information. As every statement made online has a potential to be heard by the majority of the modern society, it has the ability to instantly spread through space (crossing any boarders, reaching any distance) and through time (staying on the web forever). Therefore the power of # is enormous.

‘Hashtag’ is an ongoing project. Watch this space.

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