Anti Social Media Protest Poster



Social Media Protest. Collage.
Social Media Protest Poster. Collage.

Creative Project. London 2017

This was a creative project, it isnot my point of view on the subject. Even though Social Media (SM) may cause frustration and irritation sometimes, it proves to be one of the most precious tools to exchange information, opinions, inspiration and ideas. Although as every powerful tool SM has to be use with consideration and fully consciously.*

*SM point of view might change with time. Check this space for more thoughts on this subject.

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Sunflowers Project

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, third version: blue green background and Sunflowers, repetition of the 3rd version

Two of many Van Gogh’s sun flowers:  August, 1888 and January, 1889 on one canvas.

Exploration into lenticular art

London, May 2018