I  was born in Odesa, Ukraine. Graduated from OSE University. I studied international economy and marketing for 5 years. My first career in Ukraine was in real estate. Visual art though have always fascinated me.
My first exploration into art was black and white photography, using my first camera Zenit.
In 2006 I started working in graphic design.
In Odesa I worked in variois design studios, art galleries, print houses, during that time I was involved in lots of commercial and non-commercial projects. Including one of the most controversial and talked about social projects in Odesa called ‘Tакси Kрасотка’ (‘Pretty Lady’) – a taxi service for women and ran by women.
In 2008 I left Ukraine and came to the UK to explore London art world.
In 2012, I proudly graduated from London Middlesex University, it was a very challenging time but I love my course and the projects I was involved in. Now I have MA certificate with distinction to hang in my bathroom. Later in 2016 I thought I would like another paper from St Martins University, that was a mid blowing masterclass course ran by amazing Rod Judkins .
During the hard Ukrainian political times, Orange Revolution, the Crimea annexation and then the terrible war in Ukraine, my art and life as a citizen of two beloved countries went through deep transformation.
During this period a few collections came out two of which ended up in exhibitions: Negative Space for Project One Zero and Black Space for Bermondsey Gallery in 2013 and 2014 in London.
Since than in art, as well as life itself, I am fascinated by relationships of all formats and on all levels. The visual language helps to explore different aspects and shades of relationships and their dynamics.
I work with recycled or sustainable materials
Currently live and work in Hertfordshire, UK.
Art Exhibitions:
Bermondsey Gallery, Permanent Exhibition until 2017
Bermondsey Art Gallery Christmas Exhibition, 2016
Pinchuk Art Center Competition, Kiev, 2016
Free Art Friday Exhibition, 2014
Budapest Modern Art Exhibition, 2014
Project One Zero, London, UK, September 2015
NewWalk, 2014, newwalkmagazine.com
Awards & Degrees:
MA with distinction in Graphic Design, Middlesex University, London, 2012
Graphic Design Course, Central St Martines University, London, 2017

Instagram for Life: @alenalobunets

Instagram for Life: @10bunets

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