Baldock Life Drawing

Our first Life Drawing session in one of our favourite pubs in Baldock Orange Tree was such a wonderful time that we decided to run another one in July. Join in for a soulful, relaxing and creative evening.

Leave all your self doubts, worries and unfinished chores behind and come to join an evening of creativity and good mood. Come on your own or bring a friend, grab a glass of your favourite drink at the bar, and come in.

Come if you’ve never touched a pencil before and come if you are a pro, we will be experimenting together, we will be having fun and explore the edges of creativity, we all have!

Book your life drawing class now to avoid disappointment as the places are limited. To book your space please contact me on WatsApp 07946282237, Instagram or FB with your Name and Contact details. Looking forward to seeing you soon

Cambridge Ukrainian School Namysto

Brand Identity 2024

Namysto is a grassroots volunteer run charity supporting Ukraine.

Since formed as a group in March 2022, Namysto arranged humanitarian aid and help Ukrainian people affected by the war, they set up collection points in Cambridge and with the help of members and the generosity of the people of Cambridge, Namysto sent lorry-loads of humanitarian aid directly into Ukraine. Their members tirelessly raised funds by organising online silent auctions, children’s events, open garden parties, cake and plant sales and more. They helped Ukrainians find hosts in Cambridgeshire and some of the members host Ukrainian refugees too. They also raised awareness about visa delays in the UK and got a lot of national and international media attention.

Namysto plans for the near future include helping Ukrainian refugees in Cambridge to settle and to make local connections; they do this in collaboration with Ukrainians and support them to set up their own initiatives.


I am so proud to take part in this initiative and to create all visual communication for such an important cause.

BAAAU is a voluntary group which supports Hosts and Ukrainian Guests in Letchworth, Baldock and surrounding areas. The Group was formed in March 2022 to respond to the war in Ukraine.

This is what have been achieved. 

1. Attracted grants from HCC and from Herts Community Fund to not only help our families but the wider Ukrainian  Community. The Settlement which you have contributed to so generously attracts the wider U community. 

2. We have paid for deposits, first months rents and a household equipment grant for those setting up independently in the area. 

3. We have made educational grants for those young people going on to further or higher education. 

4. We monitor welfare and cost of living for all our families and help them reduce bills by looking at how they can make utilities more cost effective. We all make cost of living grants during the winter and other grants during the summer if funds allow. 

5. We advocate on their behalf with local and central government politicians and officers and make sure they are aware of benefits and other matters. 

6.  We support Hosts and Guarantors who have generously agreed to underwrite rental agreements. Without these Ukrainian’s would not have independent homes. These Hosts and Guarantors feel supported by BAAAU.

Art Sale for Ukraine

As a Birthday celebration this year, married out an auction and sale to support beautiful Ukraine. I invited my friends to take part in my pre-birthday art marathon and the birthday sale to find new homes for my very dear pieces, and with your kind donations to support some wonderful Ukrainians in the UK and volunteers back home.

So what’s important, all the profit goes to charities: to my beloved one in the UK – BAAAU who have helped Ukrainians to escape the war and keep supporting them. And some amazing volunteers in Ukraine that I know and would like to help. The auction ended on 23 October here.

BUT as so many of you, my wonderful friends, asked to carry on the sale after that date and keep donating, and ask for more art, I keep the page open for longer. The remaining artworks* are here:

* The sold artworks are labelled with the yellow circles.

Apples and Pears

Apples and Pears. Plaster of Paris and Acrylic on canvas

Apples and Pears for stairs

Commission for an upstairs space in a family house.

Anti Social Media Protest Poster



Social Media Protest. Collage.
Social Media Protest Poster. Collage.

Creative Project. London 2017

This was a creative project, it isnot my point of view on the subject. Even though Social Media (SM) may cause frustration and irritation sometimes, it proves to be one of the most precious tools to exchange information, opinions, inspiration and ideas. Although as every powerful tool SM has to be use with consideration and fully consciously.*

*SM point of view might change with time. Check this space for more thoughts on this subject.

Back from Social Media Protest Poster to Home

Sunflowers Project

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, third version: blue green background and Sunflowers, repetition of the 3rd version

Two of many Van Gogh’s sun flowers:  August, 1888 and January, 1889 on one canvas.

Exploration into lenticular art

London, May 2018