I am so proud to take part in this initiative and to create all visual communication for such an important cause.

BAAAU is a voluntary group which supports Hosts and Ukrainian Guests in Letchworth, Baldock and surrounding areas. The Group was formed in March 2022 to respond to the war in Ukraine.

This is what have been achieved. 

1. Attracted grants from HCC and from Herts Community Fund to not only help our families but the wider Ukrainian  Community. The Settlement which you have contributed to so generously attracts the wider U community. 

2. We have paid for deposits, first months rents and a household equipment grant for those setting up independently in the area. 

3. We have made educational grants for those young people going on to further or higher education. 

4. We monitor welfare and cost of living for all our families and help them reduce bills by looking at how they can make utilities more cost effective. We all make cost of living grants during the winter and other grants during the summer if funds allow. 

5. We advocate on their behalf with local and central government politicians and officers and make sure they are aware of benefits and other matters. 

6.  We support Hosts and Guarantors who have generously agreed to underwrite rental agreements. Without these Ukrainian’s would not have independent homes. These Hosts and Guarantors feel supported by BAAAU.