All over.


All over.

Acrylic on paper

£2000 Available Unframed

Probably the last yellow and blue colour for a while.

All Over is an exploration about acceptance.

With the whole body ready to accept everything from the other person, emotionally as well as physically. As well as sea feeds from the rain, it becomes more passionate and stormy. As well as soil accepts water. And the soil is always ready, it waits, it is grateful for feeding it and it will flourish only under the extensive rain.

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Cleaner throws out 10,000 euros art installation by Sala Murat

Ironic Destroyer actions against art. Yet emphasizes the funny side of art… and something to smile to (or cry over – depends on perspective)…

The cleaner unwittingly threw away works made of newspaper and cardboard which were part of the exhibition.

“It’s clear the cleaning person did not realise she had thrown away two works and their value. But this is all about the artists who have been able to better interpret the meaning of contemporary art, which is to interact with the environment’ City marketing commissioner Antonio Maria Vasile said.


It is not the first time artwork has been accidentally thrown away by a cleaner. Contemporary art is constantly under danger of being thrown away…

In 2001, a Damien Hirst installation at London’s Eyestorm Gallery consisting of a collection of beer bottles, coffee cups and overflowing ashtrays was cleared away.
Cleaner dumps Hirst installation.

Later, in 2004, a bag of paper and cardboard by German artist Gustav Metzger was also thrown out while on a display at Tate Britain.
Cleaner bins rubbish bag artwork.

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Road. Acrylic.


Acrylic on canvas
400mm X 400mm

£4000. SOLD.


To drive a car, to drive towards adventures, towards life and everything that can happen, towards happiness. Road of prosperity, road to the height, turn after turn after turn, road to somewhere unknown, unexplored – perfect road of a full life.

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