Dolce Gabbana Patterns Research.




For a new painting, I explore fabric patterns, motifs.

It is about clothes, which draw lines. The simple strings of fabric which become bonds, that keep us together, tie us, link, hold. The repetitive patterns we chose can be bright, incredibly beautiful, can be the cause of it own… My inspiration was Dolce Gabbana bright beautiful, colourful, festive fabrics. I want bonds on my painting to be as beautiful as they can be for my characters, because of both: because I wan them to be surrounded by beauty and the more attractive they are the harder it is for them to tear them. They become Such a value actually that sometimes we shape ourselves according to these stripes of fabrics.

Looking, touching, exploring these Dolce Gabbana colours, textures, meaningful patters, that are stories themselves is an incredibly pleasant process. It does really correspond with life itself with a life we want for ourselves: beautiful, colourful, fashionable and very very bright. The complicated, multicoloured, mesmerising motifs they confuse us, make us believe that they are the prettiest, the most desirable and the most important things in the whole world… until we meet true treasure: love…

We know what happens then, we want to remove all the barriers between us, to tear all the bonds that hold us from reaching each other, no matter how beautiful colourful and bright they are… We may even become so brave and fearless and so very crazy that we tear our ties, break free and give ourself to each other…

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