Withnail Project

This project was started 2 years ago. As a bespoke request from a UK citizen who is now a US citizen.

Here is the result…


Withnail and I 

Digital Poster.


Jon B. collection

Christmas Exhibition in Bermondsey Gallery


Olena just wanted to share some happy news again…
Her paintings moved to Bermondsey Gallery – a small independent art space on Southbank


And of course she wants to celebrate that with her Creo friends…
The new exhibition space and the beginning of Christmas time with a glass of wine around lovely art and lovely people.
Please come for a glass or two after work next Friday on 4th December here:
Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 10.26.02

And feel free to visit any time to get inspired.
Bermondsey Gallery is open every day from 10.30 am till 7pm
29 Dockhead, London SE1 2BS just around the corner from Creo.

Binz & Shyal


‘Binz & Shyal’
Mixed Media on Plastic 15x18cm Framed Signed

The most beautiful gentle loving  photo seen for ages.
And a wonderfully inspirational. Was stolen from Binze’s Facebook (Sorry Binz)
and repainted with acrylic heavy body paint on plastic. And some silver too.

To Colour the Wooden Letters

11947945_846461995422990_8241852686803036908_o 11942071_846462042089652_8152670600443510425_o

To Colour the Wooden Letters is a collaboration between visual artist and graphic designer Olena Lobunets and a talented wood master Adam Bridges. The project is designed to bring the artists community together and arrange a visual, tactile and literal communication.

Bridges and Lobunets designed and produced Project One Zero wooden letters ready for the opening of the studio, so that all the guests, artists and local community expressed themselves and their toughs and wishes and take part in colouring and designing the unique and personal sign of the very new art studio in Kings Cross.

Project Started on 10 September and will finish when the letters are fully covered by thoughts and colours are ready to be hanged in Project One Zero Studio London.





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Negative Space Exhibition



Negative Space Exhibition
Olena Lobunets

From 10 September until 10 November 2015 
in Project One Zero Studio London

In her latest exhibition Olena Lobunets explors negative space and the concept of visible shapes and colours between two people as a form of visual relationship

7 Artworks: ‘Ray-Bans. Green’ ‘Hands. Navy’ ‘Shard. Magenta’ ‘Cover. Colour’ ‘On His Knees. Blues’ ‘Hands. Magenta on Green’ ‘Hands. Blue’

Acrylic on Plastic 40x50cm Framed Signed



Simpsonova. Acrylic. Canvas.


Acrylic on canvas
700×620 mm

£2800 SOLD


Life drawing. Alex and Elizabeth sitting on blue sofa with the red cushion under their necks and window behind their heads. after the sketch was done… we laughed so much – they both looked funny. Then I scanned and reprinted the sketch and put on canvas


And in love… so there is red love between them too, the red love that Elizabeth is holding with her hand and kissing with her lips. The red love that Alex is listening to…


The red love between cold and warm…



And then i decided to remove the shadows from Elizabeth’s face

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All over.


All over.

Acrylic on paper

£2000 Available Unframed

Probably the last yellow and blue colour for a while.

All Over is an exploration about acceptance.

With the whole body ready to accept everything from the other person, emotionally as well as physically. As well as sea feeds from the rain, it becomes more passionate and stormy. As well as soil accepts water. And the soil is always ready, it waits, it is grateful for feeding it and it will flourish only under the extensive rain.

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