Christmas drinks exploration. 3 Drinks.


3 Drinks: bubbly, bubbly and red
Blue Black Purple
Acrylic on paper. Carton stencil and brush. Framed.

£1500. Available. Framed.

Party drinks exploration.

What are they? happy? really happy? How do they look from the outside? How do they feel from the inside?

The experiment was held on 3 wines: champaign, bubbly and red. Two people, a little food, lots of talks. Lots of music, lots of dancing. And how it looked from the outside, how it looked in wasn’t the same as how it felt.

Three wines: bubbly, bubbly and red.

Two points of view: face – the glass is raised high up, festive, celebrating; and profile -hiding behind the glass, feeling slightly down, a little sad and quite lonely.

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