How get Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design and what it will give you

Masterclass 1,5 hours

Lead by Olena Lobunets who graduated from Midlesex University in London with MA (Distinction) having only a Ukrainian BA Diploma in Economics, she successfully applied and completed her MA in Graphic Design.
MA studies is extremely hard, but amazing life-changing experience that can bring designer’s professionalism, personality and annual earnings on a completely different level.
After 1,5 hours masterclass you will get:
•  Resources where to search for universities
•  Full understanding on how to apply to be accepted
•  Information of what are the requirements for application
•  Successful CV tips and examples
•  Successful Portfolio tips and examples
•  Project Proposal tips and examples
•  Whole picture of what MA life is like
•  Truthful answers to all the questions about what is hard, what is easy, what is achievable
The Masterclass is very condences concentrated with knowledge, information, new ideas and it is very inspirational.

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