Circles Squares Codes

Circles Squares Codes typeface design, 2017


Social Media Protest Project

Social Media Protest. Collage.
Social Media Protest Poster. Collage. 2017

Self Portrait

Self Exploration and Experiments, 2017

Being a Designer Campaign

Collecting and promoting themed hashtags in design studio, 2017

Project ‘Pluto’

Art and Design to promote Pluto in Solar System , 2006 – 2017

Hashtag Project

Exploring hashtags 2017

Grandfather’s Project


memory of Grigoriy Lobunets, 2015

Wooden Letters


in collaboration with Adam Bridges for Progect One Zero Studio 2015

Save Art


supporting despairing or under any possible danger art, 2013

Streets and Poems


Covent Garden Mapping project, 2012

Teaser Poster

Brief: Visual exploration of the idea and future intention of the the project: ‘Graphic Representation of Feature Films’

Result: 1 $ Teaser Poster. ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ made of film frames, quotes and sound bars. Representing the intention to explore those patterns in the project: visual, sound and text.

(Drawing, Photoshop, Indesign)

Visualising Films


Digital Infographic Experience: 2D snapshots of feature films, 2012

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